What if Vitamin D is the Missing Link to Your Feeling Awesome?

Caught a great, potential-to-make-your-life-better post in the stream a little earlier…

Ramdesh Kaur of Spirit Voyage blogged about how Vitamin D may just be the one vitamin that every yogi needs to know. (I’d posit that every ONE needs to know)

She’s had quite the epiphany regarding Vitamin D and its benefits to her own health experience…and she wrote about it here; check it out…LOTS of vital info that’ll have you pondering your own relationship with Vitamin D.

Ramdesh sites some incredible reasons why Vitamin D can be your new BFF…

Here’s some of the fabulous health benefits of Vitamin D:

1. Vitamin D prevents Osteomalacia and Rickets, which cause weakness of the muscular and skeletal systems.

2. Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium, preventing osteoporosis.

3.  Vitamin D helps the intestines absorb nutrients, so when you are low in Vitamin D, you aren’t able to get the rest of the vitamins and minerals you need.

4.  Vitamin D can help prevent cancer, preclampsia, diabetes, thyroid problems and renal problems.

5. Vitamin D helps to regulate blood pressure, muscle aches, and relieve stress.

6. Vitamin D has huge benefits for your mental and emotional well-being.   It relieves depression and can even, believe it or not, smooth out your wrinkles.


3 Cheers for Vitamin D3!!!

We live in WI and winters are challenging (especially for my body which has been known to have it’s own set of pain stories!), and this winter has been a real invitation to accept what is and find the sunshine deep down in my heart, let me tell you!

Vitamin D3 ~ Sunshine!

I keep telling everyone it’s my daily sadhana & yoga practice that are getting me through this LONG winter…and that IS true, *with* the help of my support team (as I like to call them)…

  • 5000 IU of D3/day being one of the most important members,
  • along with Chyawanprash,
  • Ashwaghanda,
  • B Complex,
  • Turmeric
  • and others (LOVE Organic India’s JOY formula!)
  • …and let’s not forget the early a.m. hot oil/cold shower routine!

Gotta Love AHA Moments!

Reading Ramdesh’s post made me realize just how important the vitamin D aspect has been to my not just surviving this winter, but truly thriving with quite a bit of grace and ease!

Vitamin D3 is such an easy thing to add to our daily routine! SO worth it to feel FREEr in our bodies…and more Happy, Healthy and Holy in our experience!

It’s a wonderful dose of SUNSHINE! …it helps our amazing body vehicles stay well tuned to KEEP UP with the youthful nature of our hearts!

If you’re feeling unusually sluggish or down…or if you’ve been experiencing pain or stiffness and inflammation that keeps you from being your vital, active self, don’t just shrug it off to the weather, or to getting older, or to … !!!

Consider that something your body naturally needs, but isn’t getting enough of, is a part of the equation. Consider that it just may be you need a healthy dose of D3!

More Super Awesome Vitamin D Info

This article from Dr. Frank Lipman is incredibly comprehensive…answering many of my own curiosity questions around Vitamin D… Including:

  • what ailments and diseases are associated with Vitamin D deficiency
  • what are good food sources of Vitamin D, and can I get enough from the foods I eat
  • what about the sun, can I get what I need there
  • what are the symptoms of Vitamin D defiency
  • how much do I need to balance and what should my blood levels be
  • are the US recommended doses real and accurate
  • what is the correct test to ask for and is there a way to test without seeing a doctor
  • …and MORE!
  • Click here to read: Vitamin D: What You Need to Know by Dr. Frank Lipman

A simple test from your health practitioner can determine whether you are Vitamin D deficient.

Here’s to Optimum Well-BEing on all levels!!!

Sat Nam,

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Save the Date! A Weekend of Infinite Possibilities!



Happy Beautiful Day, Beloveds…

I wanted to share this upcoming (Last weekend in March, 2014), amazing event with you.

A Weekend of Infinite Possibilities with Brenda McMorrow

Brenda McMorrow is a Canadian/International Kirtan Music Recording Artist who has a heart of gold and the voice of an angel.  She’s SO much FUN, filled with spirit and JOY…her kirtan’s are incredibly uplifting experiences.  And her workshops are said to be of the most inspirational, pure enlightening FUN.  Mark and I are looking forward to experiencing the entire weekend with Brenda.

We are all so lucky (blessed!!) that Deborah Sommerhalder of Inner Sun Yoga Studio in Oshkosh brings us amazing international talent like this, right here in our neck of the woods!!

Inner Sun offers a most beautiful energy & space for this type of gathering.  You will LOVE the weekend!!

Mark your calendars and click through to pre-register your space and to receive stellar savings before Feb. 28th!! Only $75 for the entire weekend

  • includes 3 hour workshop on Saturday afternoon (March 29th)
  • 2 hour kirtan on Saturday evening (March 29th), and
  • 1 1/2 hour yoga w/live music on Sunday.
  • **all portions of the weekend can be attended/purchased separately as well

Please share this with others you feel would appreciate a weekend of pure JOY and upliftment.

See you there!!

Sat Nam…in JOY,


Happy “I Heart My Soul” Day!

Being that it’s Valentine’s Day…it seems like an extra-special day to bring our attention to the most amazing relationship we could ever nurture.  
Can you guess which one it is?  

  • It’s the one that when nurtured makes every single other relationship you have better.
  • It’s the one that when fostered grows JOY and fulfillment like no other.
  • It’s the one that matters most to how your LIGHT shines in this world.

I’m talking about the relationship between you and your inner, Divine Sourced YOU!

Where oh where is my soul-mate???

Many of us search the world over for our perfect soul-mate…when all along our most perfectly matched soul-mate resides within us!  It may sound funny, but it’s true.  And, we’d do well to honor and embrace our inner soul-mate!


We are Spiritual BEings having a human experience.  Our souls long for us to recognize their essence and join in union, in harmony, with this pure pulse of connection that makes us come alive…truly come ALIVE.

Have you HUGGED your soul today?

Here are some ways that you can more intentionally deepen your relationship with YOU.

  1. Begin a LOVE journal in which each day you add another thing you LOVE about you. Practicing loving kindness is really our heart’s natural true north.  We by nature want to be kind. And, practicing loving kindness with ourselves, first, is a perfect place to start.  Be general if it’s easier to begin with…and go deep when you’re ready.  Your soul will love you for it, and you’ll begin to hear your soul offering up suggestions for where to focus your self love next! To get inspired, check out this post from awhile back, Five Things I LOVE About Me.
  2. Other ways to self-nurture through loving kindness may be to give yourself a foot massage, start doing cold showers in the morning to enliven the body (I know, sounds more like self-torture than self-nurture, but it’s actually a very loving practice with amazing health benefits), give yourself a hot oil massage, and make yourself yummy, healthy treats and a mug of Golden Milk!
    Here’s a great video showing you how to do the Ayurvedic self massage ~
    And here is my favorite video to help you ease into the practice of morning cold showers ~

  3. Practice some Loving Awareness Yoga, Kundalini style, to help move energy and open your Heart Center.  There are many simple exercises that can assist you in strengthening and opening your heart center, which in turn gives you more endurance on a physical level and more capacity for love, patience, acceptance, compassion, understanding and deep inner knowing, etc. on emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  In our Loving Awareness Yoga practice, we know it’s about balance. The inner journey is as important as any outer journey.  Growing in our consciousness on all levels, mind/body/soul, is a huge key to our JOY quotient.
    Here is a beautiful practice that not only strengthens the heart, but attunes your Radiant Body ~
  4. Repeat loving mantras or affirmations that open the heart and expand your loving awareness.  Mantras, in the ancient sense, are sound vibration syllables…and words that when strung together have a profoundly positive effect on your well-being.  Affirmations, using high-vibration words in your own native tongue will also have a stellar effect on your well-being.  Mantra repetition can:
  • elevate your mood,
  • energize you,
  • calm and center you,
  • bring you peace,
  • encourage a more loving awareness,
  • instill a more easeful peace of mind,
  • enliven inner joy,
  • release stagnant or stuck energy that no longer serves,
  • draw you into the heart of your BEing and
  • enkindle your most brilliant passion
  • and MORE!!  (Major scientific research has proven many incredible health benefits such as lowering high blood pressure, increasing energy levels, inducing deeper, more peaceful sleep, improving brain function/clarity/memory, etc.)

Sat Kartar is one of the most beautiful mantras to repeat that assists in opening our heart chakra (center) and opening to LOVE…

“Sat” means “the soul’s true essence”.  The word, “kartar” means “the doer”.  This meditation is a call to the heart and to the soul to enter into the flow of life and to walk the path of love and truth.
–excerpt from Yoga and Mantras for A Whole Heart by Karan Khalsa & Ramdesh Kaur

Experience it now, using the Sat Kartar mantra and mudra (hand/arm position yoga) ~

Here is another wonderful way to affirm your love for your SOUL’s LIGHT within you…

So today, on Valentine’s Day…and EVERY Day…  Go on!!

  • Give yourSELF a BIG HUGE HUG of LOVE.
  • Reaffirm your commitment to the most important relationship you have…the one with your beloved, God-Sourced Soul.
  • Promise to love, honor and nurture the very BEingness that you are…and then,
  • set out to practice your promise with some of the invitations offered in this post!
  • enJOY life…as you SHINE with LOVE with an open heart, beaming in your true brilliance.

I’d love to hear about your experience…
And, what other ways might you choose to nurture the sweet soul relationship between you and YOU…
Let’s connect in the comments…

In Pure LOVE…
Sat Nam,

photo credit: love wallpaper

Falling into Grace & Brilliance

It’s official.  We are a month into the turning of autumn’s portion of the circle here in the northern hemisphere.

Here in Wisconsin the leaves are fast fading from their brilliant shades of fiery splendor and finding their way to the ground where they return to the earth…feeding the soil, becoming one with the all once again.

Someone stop this thing!!

This time of year always invites an interesting gap within me.

Fall in Wisconsin

Fall in Wisconsin

I so love fall for the cool, crisp…somehow fresher feeling air, for the crystalline pure blue of the skies, the earthy smell of the soil beneath my feet, the immense beauty of the leaves popping in hues so intense they make my heart sing…yes, somehow even the gradual turning toward shorter days has its appeal.

And, at the very same time…I feel a resistance rise…an exclamation within that resounds, NO, not yet…I know where this is headed.  I know too well this freeing, expansive feeling that fall brings in all her glory is fleeting…and somehow, this is the one time of year where I really, really wish I knew how to slow the cycle down even more.  I wish I knew how to stop the turning…if even just for awhile.

Appreciation is a Beautiful Thing

And then, I remind myself (frequently, or I get a little freaky!) that the turning is a beautiful thing.  I remind myself to be present to the moment, seeing with my heart’s eyes the gloriousness of it all…basking in full appreciation.  What my eyes perceive, what my heart feels, what my soul knows…what the Source of All is steadily, surely guiding…the natural wisdom of Mother Nature breathing through the cycles of birth, death and renewal…it’s all good.


This time of year always begs me to go inward  It implores reflection.  And I bow to the call… Deepening into myself, surrendering to the cycle…returning to the Great Womb, like the plants and leaves return to the Mother.

Heeding this call, this invitation, feels good.  To try to buck the current would be futile at best…no fun at all.  Nature really does give us the cues we need.  The signs, the answers to our questions are there in her treasure chest of awesomeness.  All we need to do is bring our awareness home to our hearts, breathe into BEingness, listen…observe…and trust.  Inspired action…is only a breath away.  Can you feel it?

Ponder with Me

  • How will you choose to embrace surrendering to what is?
  • What gifts can you find in allowing that which no longer serves you to fall away?
  • How does it feel to fall gently into the lap of the mother…knowing all is well…as you dream your sweet dream?
  • What are the inner fires of passion that you will enkindle as you turn inward and go deep?
  • How is nature’s turning cycle reflecting in your experience and how can you continually put your attention on alchemizing the transformation for balance and good?
  • What will you feel inspired towards that you know will draw you nearer to your inner brilliance, your God Light within?

It’s Time

Now is the time (now is always the time…we are in the eternal now, aren’t we?)... Now is the time to come home to the heart of who you really are.  Come home to your soul. Deepen in relationship there.  Bask in the glow of your BEingness.  Reflect in the light of your soul…and grow brighter in every waking expression.

  • Let this season grow courage and strength within you…as you rest in the knowing that lives within you.
  • Let this time of inward turning, of reflection prepare you to go deep…toward your inner light…with the knowing that you are stoking the fires of your Brilliance, the Source Flame of all that LIGHTS you up from the inside, out.

Mmm…can you feel it?

What inner fires of your Source Brilliance will you be stoking?
Creativity?  Compassion?  Connection?  Ease?  Abundance?  Bliss?  Love?  Purpose?  Passion?  … ???
It’s up to YOU!  Breathe.  Believe.  Receive.  It’s all happening.

Need some support and encouragement?

I’m always here to help shine some light on your path if you need it.  Change is the only constant there is.  Sometimes having some loving guidance as we navigate the changes is the greatest blessing.  I’d be honored to assist… I continue to offer one-on-one sessions as well as partner/couple, and group sessions.  We can meet in person, or via phone, Skype, etc.!  Please connect if you feel an inner nudge letting you know this would be supportive!

Come Together ~ Upcoming Gatherings of Love & Support

Elements of Grace and Brilliance

On Sunday, November 3, I’ll be offering an experience afternoon workshop with my friend, Deb from Inner Sun Yoga Studio in Oshkosh, WI.  We’ll be focusing our time together on the inner journey…to recognizing your soul brilliance, cultivating loving awareness and awakening the nature elements within so that we are balanced in the LIGHT of our BEings.  Experience includes: yoga flow, mantra experience, deepening/tuning in practice, explorative inner journey exercise and more!
For details and to register, please click here.

Friday, November 8:  Yin Yoga to Live Music, Kirtan to follow.  We (Brilliant Bliss Kirtan) will be offering live music during Erika King’s yoga class at Anu in Neenah, WI.  We will follow yoga class with an hour of heart opening chant and song.  No experience necessary…you’ll love it!  For details and to register, please click here.

And on Sunday, November 17 at 6:30 pm, gather with us here in our home sanctuary for our monthly Full Moon Kirtan Gathering.  This is a very special experience that warms the heart and stays with you long after.  Please click here for event details.

Keep Shining, Beloveds!  Call on the LIGHT within…

Sat Nam… All LOVE, all the way!!
Debrananda ~*~

I Call on the Divine Teacher Within

Over the years I’ve enjoyed exploring many yoga and meditation practices.  From each I’ve gleaned what resonates most deeply in me and carried those elements forward as integrated aspects of my experience.  For many years I’ve felt a strong pull in the direction of Kundalini Yoga and for the last two months I’ve been passionately committed to a deepening daily practice.

Tuning In…To the Divine Teacher Within

Each day as I dive into my practice, I begin by tuning in with the Adi (first, primal) Mantra, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, which means, I call on the Light-the Divine Teacher-within.

This mantra has always held a special, sacred feeling for me…tuning me in to the knowing that God, Divinity, Source resides in me…and I have that strength and divine wisdom available to me in each and every moment.

By tuning in before I begin my practice, I call on my higher self to do my very best…and in so doing I feel supported from the inside-out, connected to my God-Light and the knowing that in this Light, I am strong, courageous, invincible…among other amazingly brilliant things.

Tuning In...

Tuning In…in nature…such a blessing!

As I practice, I am my own advocate…my best cheerleader and my best observer of what’s happening in my inner world, my body temple, as I move through my Kriya (a set of movements/poses in Kundalini Yoga).  I love the empowered sense of responsibility I feel to my body, to my practice…and to my ever-evolving awakening to my true nature, my inner-most Brilliant Sourced Self.  I love knowing that as I deepen in my practice, I am literally expanding my potential on all levels…and I am supporting my total well-being.

Serendipitous Aha Moment

Today, as I was mid way through my practice, Mark (my dear beloved, who is also committed to a daily flow of Kundalini Yoga) asked if he could read me a passage from B.K.S. Iyengar’s book, Light on Life-The Yoga Journey to Wholeness, Inner Peace, and Ultimate Freedom,  Of course, I said yes please!

“I sometimes tell my pupils that the practice they do in yoga class is not, strictly speaking, yoga practice.  The reason for this is that in a class, although you are undoubtedly ‘doing’ and, hopefully, learning…you are subordinate to the teacher.  The directing intelligence comes from him and you follow to the best of your ability.  At home, on the other hand, it is your own intelligence that is the master, and the progress that you make is yours and will be maintained.  In addition, the will that you employ is yours.  It is not derived from the power, the charisma, the strength, or the fieriness of the teacher.  It comes from you, and its effect is profound.  This is not yoga by the body for the body, but yoga by the body for the mind, for the intelligence…  There is a great difference between just practicing and sadhana.  Sadhana is the way of accomplishing something.  …  You might translate yoga sadhana here as ‘the yoga pilgrimage’ as it is a journey that leads somewhere, not the mere treadmill of thoughtless practice.”

My Sadhana, My Yoga Pilgrimage

This passage so beautifully describes the path I feel I am consciously on, consciously witnessing now for myself.  I’ve never before felt so empowered, so humbled, so in grace and flow in a practice as I do now…  I feel a deeper tuning, a deeper connection, a palpable, relatable knowing of the synergy of my trillions of cells all co-creating this life experience with me in harmony of consciousness.  Simply put, I’m digging it!

I’m grateful for the amazing teachers who guide our path along the way…
And in this immediate aha moment, I’m most grateful to my ‘Divine Teacher Within’, for guiding me and supporting me in knowing that this journey I’m on is on purpose…as I expand more and more completely into the brilliant, beautiful, bountiful, blissful BEing that I AM.

For Reflection and Conversation

  • How does your practice enliven your loving conscious awareness, body…mind…soul?
  • How has tuning in to your Divine Teacher Within supported your journey/practice?
  • How has including mantra in your practice deepened your experience?

Here’s to the Divine Teacher within each of you… May you deepen in relationship with this essence within yourselves…and enJOY the journey along the way!

All LOVE in JOY Full Brilliance…
Debrananda ~*~

Intense Energies ~ An Inner Truth Wake Up Call

Inclusive Astrologer, The Leo KingDavid Palmer tells it like it is!

Are you feeling it?


If you’ve been feeling intensity in and around much in your life (especially relationships, including the one you have with yourself…and anything relation-al) lately…you may want to listen to David talk about what the planet’s are up to and how you can catalyze what they’re reflecting for GOOD in your experience.

Are YOU all in?

No more messing around. No more one foot in, one out. Time to be ‘all in’…in living your truth, stepping ever more into alignment…trusting your divine power within, that which is Source/God/The One!

Here’s to truth, passion and courage…ready, set, leap! ♥