Debra Gehrke

High Vibe Life Guide, Loving Awareness Yoga Guide, Mantra Yoga Musician, ETC! (emphasis on ETC!)

Loving Awareness High Vibe Life Guidance

Hello Dear Ones…

My name is Debra and I’m your High Vibe Life Guide ~ Intuitively guiding you, with Loving Awareness to the JOYful expression of your extraordinary soul brilliance.

Ready to shine?  Let's do this!

Ready to shine? Let’s do this!

I lovingly assist dear ones to their own Joy of Brilliance…their unique J.O.B.!

  • through the heart’s gateway of Loving Awareness,
  • following Path of Feel Good,
  • where we re-member that our thoughts create our reality…
  • and the reality we desire is to live JOY first and foremost.

Our Joy of Brilliance is our Divine Spark…we were born to SHINE!  

And the gateway to our uniqueness is through the heart, by cultivating Loving Awareness, inwardly & outwardly.

My gift is in helping others discover their core brilliance, the passion within that drives them forward to create the reality they desire in all aspects of their life.

Finding the things in life that feel good (from the inside, out), that bring you JOY, that create contentment, satisfaction, fulfillment and abundance in your life are the very things that make you uniquely YOU.

Need help tapping in?

Not sure what makes your heart sing these days?

I can help. We connect at the heart level and through my loving, gentle questions and my toolbox filled with all sorts of brilliant tools to help you awaken to your true nature, to help you come alive…
I assist you in discovering your path to JOY…the one that leads to your unique Brilliance.


Wouldn’t you all like to be working your absolute best J.O.B. every day?  You can!

Because You Were Born to Shine

Because You Were Born to Shine

Work your Joy of Brilliance every single day and love every minute of it!

Come along with Debra… 

Debra offers:

  • individualized one-on-one sessions
  • or group facilitated sessions.

Both are positively stimulating and filled with feel good discoveries.
Get in touch today to start your High Vibe Joy of Brilliance Journey in Loving Awareness!

What can I expect?

No two people are alike; and so it follows that no two sessions are alike.

Each session is customized to and guided by each individual’s uniqueness.

Sessions are light and deep, fun and explorative, and often filled with multiple AHA! moments.

During the session we will:

  • start where you are… because where else could we possibly begin?!
  • We’ll focus on what you’d like to and we’ll be open the higher purpose at work…allowing room for the session to evolve to reach its greatest potential.  Trusting the process to unfold for your highest good is always the intention we begin with.

Some of the Other Tools We May Utilize Together…

In addition to intuitive, explorative conversation, sessions may include, but are not limited to:  breathing exercises, affirmation/mantra time, gentle Loving Awareness Yoga, music therapy, healthy lifestyle/dietary recommendations, writing exercises, and more…

At the end of each session…

we’ll recap, talk about what to focus on between sessions…and sometimes you’ll even get an assignment or two.

**Don’t worry they’re FUN…and focused on YOU!  Integrating your session experience more deeply after you leave for maximum benefit is a super awesome idea, if you’re up for it.  It’s ALL your choice.  You decide if and how you’ll utilize the clarity gained and tools given.

You are the captain of your ship!
Any change that is navigated comes from YOU.  
I’m just your faithful High Vibe Loving Awareness Guide!

Post High Vibe Tune Up Sessions, Others Have Said…

  • “I am thrilled with how much more aligned I’m feeling in my life!  I’ve found my JOY again.”

  • “Debra’s intuitive sense is remarkable.  She tunes in and always seems to know just what I need to hear to help me find my best self.”

  • “…it’s amazing how much more purposeful and clear I feel!”

  • “Is it safe to feel this happy?”

  • “My sense of purpose and direction in life is so turned up!  I feel alive and life is brimming with possibility.”

  • “I didn’t know I could feel this good.  These sessions are great just for the pure inspiration; I’m super-charged!”

  • “…I’m shining so bright people who see me need shades!  I feel awesome!”

  • “Look out world, I’m unstoppable!  …Debra’s Joy of Brilliance helped me discover mine and there’s nothing I can’t do!”

The Details (sessions, prices, scheduling, etc.)

  • “Loving Awareness High Vibe Tune Up” one hour session
    This is a power packed, major aha moment after moment driven, deeply tuned-in experience that may just transform your life.
  • “Ultimate High Vibe Shine ” package (for those who desire maximum life experience benefit!)
    6 one hour sessions over 6 weeks, including some email correspondence between sessions
    $420 ($90 savings over the pay as you go, per session price!  That’s like getting a little more than one session free!)
  • All “Ultimate High Vibe Shine” package guests have a Brilliance Pass to ongoing one hour support sessions for just $65 each!
    (must have completed an “Ultimate High Vibe Shine Package” in order to receive this special savings)
  • Via the Internet: Debra has guests from around the world and offers her sessions online via Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime connection (no long distance phone charges~ requires guest has a fast internet connection).
  • Via the telephone: For those without internet, the telephone works great.  (Long distance fees apply to guest)
  • In Person: For those local guests who prefer it, Debra is happy to meet in person.
  • For you and your dear friends…
    Loving Awareness High Vibe Life Guidance Group Facilitated Sessions

    also available, please inquire for more information and special pricing.
  • To Schedule: Please email~  debsoulitude[at]gmail[dot]com
    Include your desired session or package and a phone number as a second contact (in addition to your email address).
    Debra will connect with you to find a mutually agreeable session time…and you’ll be on your way to living your Best Joy of Brilliance!
*Current pricing effective May 2014 ~ Prices subject to change without notice*

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